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Indoor Block Out Blinds / Screenaway​ Blinds

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Indoor Block Out Blinds

Looking for a block out blind but not quite sure about roller shutters? Look no more!

ScreenAway Blinds offer 100% light block out and are specially designed for windows and skylights. This practical and attractive option can be retrofitted into the reveal of all styles of windows without the look of bulky compartments and the hassle of cords and cables.

Perfect for Theatre Rooms and Bedrooms, there isn’t a window a ScreenAway Block Out Blind won’t suit.
All ScreenAway Blinds are easy to maintain and are available in a range of different colours and materials to suit your style and taste. ScreenAway retractable blinds are also available in Flyscreen’s, meaning you can enjoy your beautiful views with no interruptions or obstructions. Cleaning windows also becomes a breeze with ScreenAway Flyscreens.

Sitting where your existing fly screen would go, ScreenAway Flyscreens are practical and easy to use and are perfect for serving areas and kitchen bi-fold windows. All ScreenAway Blinds and Flyscreens are made to measure, ensuring every installation is a perfect fit. So if you’re looking for Indoor Blockout Blinds Installer in Perth, you can always count on us.

white indoor block out blinds in Perth
home indoor block out blinds in Perth

ScreenAway Blinds in Perth Feature:

**For maximum block out results, we recommend dark coloured frames with perfectly square window reveals to achieve the best results.