Automated Gates

Automatic Sliding Gates

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates are experts in the industry when it comes to automatic sliding gates, driveway gates and pedestrian gates. Our commitment to design and quality set the standard and we pride ourselves on our reputation and customer service.

Automated sliding gates are the preferred style of automatic gate systems and are perfect if you are looking for a security gate option but have minimal space. They are a great investment on any home or business and increase security and value.  Not only are they also low maintenance, but they are also one of the most reliable designs on the market.

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates design and install automatic sliding gates to suit all residential, commercial and industrial needs and all our gates are manufactured here in Perth using Australian steel and aluminium.  We offer manual and automated gate options that are available in an array of materials and styles and can tailor any design to suit your requirements.

All gates are available in any color scheme you need to suit your existing or new building designs.

Automatic Swing Gates

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates know that sliding gates aren’t always possible or practical. This is where our automatic spring gates come in and are great for when there is not enough side room for a sliding gate. Swinging gates spring inwards, so sufficient space is needed to accommodate the proper functioning of the swinging gate. Swing gates are perfect for spaces that are no larger than 6m wide, making them the perfect fit for pedestrian walkways. Bi-Parting swing gates can then accommodate spaces up to 12m wide, perfect for vehicle entrances.

Like our Automatic Sliding gates, we offer swing gates in both the automated and manual options.

Give your home the street appeal it deserves with an automatic swing gate installed by A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates today!

Boom Gates

Boom Gates are predominantly used in the commercial and industrial industries and are best used to assist in the control of vehicle traffic in and out of a designated area.

Boom gates can be used to suit projects such as (but not limited to:

  • Commercial car parks
  • Traffic crossings
  • Residential car parks
  • Schools/university campuses
  • Accommodation complexes

While boom gates don’t provide the same level of security like the sliding and swing gates, they are a low maintenance option that assists in controlling the flow of traffic and can prevent vehicular access through a controlled point.

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates
offer a wide variety of operational boom gates that come in a diverse range of operational modes, control methods and speeds.

Automatic Gate Motors

Whether it’s a new gate and motor or a motor for an existing gate, A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates has you covered- and who doesn’t love an automatic gate?!

There are many things to consider when choosing the correct automatic motor for your gate.

The weight of the gate itself is one of the main points to consider. Saving on a smaller motor that doesn’t facilitate the weight of the gate will only cost you in the long run, so always make sure that on top of having a good set of wheels and guides for your gate, you also get a motor that will accommodate the physical weight of the gate.

Its usage frequency is also an important point to consider. Should the fences be used regularly in a short period of time, a commercial motor will be more suited as this would be deemed high usage. Contrary to this, a residential gate used a few times daily would be considered low usage and a commercial strength motor would not be required.

Gate construction and slope is also just as important to factor in when making a choice on what motor is best for your gate, so call A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates today and let us help you choose what motor is best for your gate!